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Hi there! I'm Kathy Brown, registered dietitian and yoga teacher, and 4th Trimester Fitness instructor. I've been interested in wellness since I was a teenager because of my lifelong interest in athletics (I played volleyball for 10 years) and how physical exercise can impact health. When I was in college, I took a nutrition course and my mind was blown away because of the impact that nutrition had on total well-being; so I completed my degree in Exercise Science and then continued my education to become a Registered Dietitian.

I took my first yoga class in high school PE and was intrigued by it from the beginning. I had continued to practice it on and off throughout college and after graduating, I decided to become a yoga teacher.

Through my education in nutrition and yoga, I discovered how intertwined they are and how having a regular practice of both can impact not only physical health but mental emotional and spiritual health as well.

Since becoming a mom, I have discovered a passion for helping women and their children boost their physical wellness. I have found that the media has conflicting information when it comes to healthy nutrition for pregnant and postpartum women, which is why I focus on helping moms eat the foods they love without any guilt or shame.  

I have also joined 4th Trimester Fitness TM as an instructor to bring evidence-based exercise to pregnant and postpartum women. The seminars and clinics I teach focus on strengthening the core and helping women connect with their bodies to heal and support on many levels. It is also a wonderful community of women supporting women! 

My goal is to help bring a sense of freedom and joy into eating delicious food while keeping it simple, fun, and fulfilling for both the body and the soul.

Connect with me…

I love to chat on social media (I use Instagram the most) or send me an email with questions you might have.

My food philosophy…

I do not teach counting, measuring, weighing, or portioning foods. There are no food rules, just simple techniques that fit your personal and unique lifestyle. It is my goal to give you the tools you need to make informed food choices that make you feel happy and healthy.


Three main guidelines I follow and recommend:

1) Start from a place of compassion.

Self love is the key. When you initiate any practice or routine from a place of love and compassion, you end up enjoying the journey much more. Instead of fighting against your body, take some rest and allow nutritious foods to flood your cells and nourish you from the inside out.

2)There is room for all foods.

Although I specialize in plant-based and vegan foods, it is not the only lifestyle I recommend. I am a firm believer in making all foods work. Depending on your unique lifestyle and needs, we will work together to find what fits your needs best. 

3)Health is more than just healthy eating and exercise.

While these two factors are two main pillars of health and longevity, they are by no means the only ones. Mental, spiritual, and social health are just as important. Working with other health professionals to cover this entire spectrum will put you into the best trajectory to achieving your ultimate well-being. 


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