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Introduction to Mindful Eating

A 7 day step-by-step course for adding mindfulness to your daily meal routine. Being mindful about your food choices can help with digestion, reduce food-related anxiety, and provide a deep sense of connection to all levels of health.

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Are you looking for the best way to prepare for your birth?

Are you looking for a better birth experience than last time?

  • Complete prenatal Birth Ball prep clinic for pregnant people for use in the home, birth center, or hospital.

  • Strengthen your core and pelvic floor. Statistics show lower rate of intervention.

  • Learn effective, evidenced-based laboring down techniques.

  • Designed for pregnant people in all trimesters of pregnancy.

  • Classes are 3 hours. Available online and in-person.

  • Eligible for FSA and HSA!

Have you wondered how to get back into shape but you're not sure where to start? Would you like to learn about safe modifications for exercise that will help your reach your postpartum goals? Would you like to have a safe place to bring your new baby with you to class? This 6 weekly class series was designed specifically for you! Founded on principles drawn from evidence based studies and is approved by physicians, midwives, and physical therapists.

Yoga for Busy Moms

Coming Soon!

A three-part workshop in which yoga postures and breath are used to help you find a sense of balance. Being a mom is beautiful, but it is also messy and chaotic. This practice will help you slow down and reconnect with yourself.