The Impossible Whopper

As a person passionate about the health of our planet and the protection of living creatures, I am quite excited about the growth of two rapidly growing plant-based burger companies: Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat. As a person also passionate about the health of human kind, I want to also clarify a few things. In case you haven't heard, Burger King will be rolling out the Impossible Whopper this week in the US. While this is a great feat for animal welfare and the health of our planet, there are a few things to keep in mind when ordering fast food:

Photo: Impossible Foods

- Just because its vegan, doesn't mean its healthy. If you are looking to eat for health, whole-food based burgers are a better option. (Think homemade black bean burgers, etc.)

- Some plant-based burgers can contain just as much saturated fat in them as a beef burger.

- Most plant-based burgers are better for the environment due to the elimination of meat from their products.

- Fast food is not an every day event, but it is great that there are more and more vegan options that help the planet and animals. When you do want fast food, enjoy it and savor every bite. It is so amazing how far we've come to now be offering meat alternatives at these establishments!

Are you excited for the Impossible Whopper? Will you be trying it? I know my husband will!

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