Gearing up For Grilling Season

Summer is already here and many people have begun grilling. In the US. Memorial day (which usually falls on the last weekend in May) is typically the day most people dust off their grill and light it up for the first time since the previous summer. Although there has been a lot of rain here in the Midwest recently, it has not stopped anyone from donning an umbrella and getting outside to grill.

Now that we are well into July, it is time for another round of grilling!

Some of the most common foods to grill in the summertime are burgers, hot dogs, brats, and steaks. In addition to being loaded with saturated fat, there has been some talk that grilled meats increase the risk for cancer. Most research, however, points to meat consumption in general, rather than cooking style.

By reducing or eliminating meat consumption (even if it is just for a week), your digestive system and immune system will thank you. Since grilling is such a strong part of many cultures, I do not want you to miss out on family/friend time because of your lifestyle choices. Everyone should be able to join in the fun of an outdoor BBQ when the weather is nice!

This September, I will be hosting a one week introduction to plant-based eating. There will be live chats on IG, quick and easy recipes, and of course simple yoga practices to help with intuitive eating practices.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of the festivities:

  • Bring or make veggie burgers/hot dogs/sausages

  • Ask the host what they are serving and bring something to share that fits the "theme"

  • Be the host!

  • Grill pineapple, bell pepper, onion, and mushrooms on a skewer

  • Make home made BBQ sauce

  • Enjoy banana nice cream with chocolate sauce and berries

With this in mind, if you do choose to grill meat this summer, please keep in mind the following tips:

  • Cook at lower heat

  • Include lots of veggies with your meal

  • Savor small portions (the size of your palm is a standard portion)

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