Empower yourself in 2019

Hi Friends! This year, I have an intern with me who will be writing a guest post each month. She has some great ideas in store and is kicking the year off with resolutions. Let's give her a warm welcome to the community by leaving a comment about which tip below you might incorporate during 2019. Take it away Carly!

The New Year is here and that means we clean our slates and begin to implement new Resolutions. We tend to have an increase in willpower to try new things, and have an overall mental state of well-being. Don’t forget to follow through with wellness goals or aspirations in 2018, but be open to new goals and intentions of the new year. Remember, health goals do not have to be about weight or physicality. As a matter of fact, let’s forget about weight for 2019 and focus on on making small, positive changes towards a life full of abundance and vitality. These small resolutions are worth just as much as larger ones, and what feel like small lifestyle habits are the ones that stick with us for the long-run!

Here are 15 ideas for resolutions to make as you welcome the start of 2019! (Although, try not to implement all of them at once, that could be quite stressful…!!)

1. Get Organized ★ Being organized aids in stress relief as well as

boosts productivity! Keep your work space clean,

clothes folded, and have a place for everything.

2. Cook at Home More Frequently ★ Not only does cooking at home save money

spent on carry-out, but it establishes a great practice

of learning new skills! Cooking is a great skill to have and you

will become more aware of the foods you like/dislike and how to properly buy groceries on a budget. Who knows, you may even begin to try more new foods!

3. Trade Soda for Tea ★ Weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease (not to mention tooth decay!) have strong ties correlated with drinking more soda. Trade this addictive habit with non sugary beverages like water or unsweetened tea! There are tons of flavors out there that are greatly enhanced by a little bit of natural sweetener and a lemon squeeze … my favorite!

4. Keep a Planner ★ I especially find this important as a college student who needs to balance my school work, extracurricular events, and time for workouts! I love looking for a cute planner with lots of design and writing in bright colored pens which makes me look forward to writing in it!

5. Spend More Time with Family & Friends

★ Time spent with your loved ones is precious …

make 2019 a year full of love and gratitude.

6. R&R!

★ After a busy day, take advantage of sitting down and relaxing. Pull out your book, catch up on your favorite Netflix finds, and let your body get the rest that it needs!

7. Get to Bed Early ★ Getting in bed is never the problem … it’s that last phone check before hitting the pillow. We can easily spend 30 minutes to 2+ hours scrolling through social media, sending late night texts and whatever else keeps you up at night! Put that

phone away and get your beauty sleep!

8. Find Your Hobby ★ Swimming, running, hiking, tennis, spinning … the list goes on forever! Find your calling and stick with it! Invite friends to enjoy your hobby with you, especially if you’re the competitive type.

9. Eat Breakfast ★ Deemed the most important meal of the day for a

good reason! Eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism

and helps to boost energy throughout the day. Additionally

it is linked to better mental performance at work and school and lowers the chance of diabetes and heart disease.

10.Drink More H2O

★ Our bodies are about 60% water, so we constantly need to be hydrating with more of what it needs! On average, women should aim to drink 11.5 cups per day and men 15.5 cups. In order to hit this goal, try mixing in a splash of lemon juice or frozen berries instead of ice cubes. Both of these ad flavor without added sugar.

11. Treat yo self! ★ Rather than setting certain days of the week as “off” days and allowing ourselves to eat without boundaries, we can incorporate treats into our week. Consider making nutritious, yet delicious meals and every now and then ending on a sweet note!

12. Cut the Coffee Run ★ That daily $4.00 Starbucks cup of joe adds up quick,

and not to mention the hassle that involves waiting in

those lines. Invest in a coffee pot of choice then buy your

favorite flavors, milks, syrups and brew away!

13. Establish a “No-Phone Zone” ★ Especially for those with kids, you know that the electronics are addictive. Set hours, special times, even rewards to implement good behavior.

14. Try Healthy Fats ★ NOT ALL FATS ARE BAD! Substitute these healthy

alternatives into your diet: avocados, nuts/nut butters,

chia/flax seeds, extra virgin olive oil, or tahini.

15. Set Your Mantra ★ Find something meaningful to YOU. Make it your own

and live by it. Keep it present, always!!!

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