Expressing gratitude for a new begining

Hello there!

Today, I am bringing you a long-overdue post and it is about gratitude.

Last night, I taught my last yoga class at a gym I have been with for over two years. There were several students who have been regulars since day one, and many more who have floated in and out. It was very hard to leave the class, and my heart is heavy because of it. However, it was time to go. The space in my heart that already misses my students is the same space in which I knew I had to leave.

It is always tough to leave a good thing, but sometimes it is the right thing to do. I know that if I would have continued to stay, my teaching, and therefore my students' practice, would have suffered because my heart was no longer in it. I feel ready for a new challenge, a new beginning.

To all the time, energy, and students I have met during this part of the journey; I am grateful. I have grown in my teaching and have learned more about how to be a better leader. The gratitude I have for this experience is beyond words and I hope that these students will continue to grow and experience beautiful insights during their yoga journey both on and off the mat.

I am not sure, yet, where the next road will lead; but I do have a few ideas.

Until next time, Dream, Explore and Be YOU!

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