Eating VEGAN at the Bristol Renaissance Faire

Many people believe that eating vegan, or a plant-based lifestyle is hard. But, I am here to tell you that is is only hard if you think it's hard. Who doesn't love pasta, burgers, baked potatoes, pancakes, and pizza? All of these things can be prepared in an animal-free way and taste just as good if not better than their animal-laden counterparts.

I have been going to the Bristol Renaissance Faire anually since 2011. Yes, I've bought a corset and yes, I made my own skirt and chemise to go with it. I absolutely love dressing up in this time period and pretending for just a day that I am part of a different world; it is a nice escape from reality, I must say!

That being said, when I first started going to the faire, there were not many vegetarian (let alone vegan) options to be had; it is in Wisconsin, the cheese capitol of the US, after all. With more food allergies and lifestyle shifts happening, Bristol got smart and began to offer more and more plant-based options. This is why I am here today to share with you all of the delicious options available to you if you happen to attend this faire! And if my opinion means anything, you should definitely visit Bristol's faire at least once in your life. If I may...I'd compare it to a yoga festival because the beauty of the place is that you can let go and be whoever you want to be (yourself or a fictional character!). No one cares and people actually enjoy it more when they come in character and be someone else for a day.

Now, enough rambling and on to the good stuff! Here are the vegan options I spotted while strolling the streets of the Bristol Renaissance Faire.

Hummus and pita bread


Yellow rice


Fresh cut Curly Fries

Avocado sandwich


Vegetable Tempura

Onion Stryngs

Pickles (garlic, spicy or dill)

Piccadilly Roasted Nuts (Cashews, Pecans, or Almonds)

Green Angel Kaffe Haus

  • Sometimes they have dairy free milks for your coffee, other wise you can get black/sweet coffee or tea

Fruit ices? (lemon, orange, strawberry and peach)

Mexican Jacket potato

Baked Potato

Butterfly Potatoes

Corn Ears

Snow Cones

If you'd like to see pictures and video of my time spent at Bristol, check out my latest video posted on YouTube!

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