A Podcast I have been LOVING!!

Hi friends!

I am very excited to share with you a podcast that I have been absolutely LOVING!

Suzanne is wonderfully well spoken and finds some of the most inspiring and "crush-worthy" (as she would put it!) yoga teachers out there. Be sure to check out her podcast by clicking on her logo above! And be sure to follow her on social media as well!

As a dietitian and yoga teacher, I have found it can be tough to balance life with work with starting a business. The people interviewed on this podcast have done that and more! They have succeeded as entrepreneurs in the world of yoga; a world that can discourage making money as it may seem "un-yogic" to some. However, spreading the messages of yoga through teaching classes, retreats, and workshops can help so many people find ultimate health and vitality. This is what inspires me to do what I do:

  • The "ah-ha!" moment on a person's face when the message they have been hearing for so long finally clicks.

  • The "I just did that?!" look when a person balances in crow pose for the first time.

  • The light and joy that fills a person's soul when they learn how to regularly nourish their bodies; both physically and mentally.

  • The youthfulness and playfulness that arises from within when practicing yoga or creating a fun new recipe.

  • The love and laughter of a shared experience.

  • Learning about the passion from within that drives people who love what they do.

I could go on and on, but you see, having my own business helping others to heal their bodies and calm their minds is my ultimate dream. And you, yes you, are helping me strive for that dream just by reading this post!

I am honored to have found so many teachers, books, blogs, and podcasts to help me down this path. But, I am most thankful for everyone who has supported me thus far (including you!).

So, if you have not already, check out all of my other social media; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (links below this post) all at TheYogiRD and let me know What inspires you to do what you do?

Much love!

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