Kathy's Experiences:
  • Group nutrition for athletes

  • Yoga for athletes

  • Speaker at professional conferences

  • One-on-one consultations

  • Professional presentations on various health topics such as:  Longevity, Going Plant-Based, Heart Health and more!

About Kathy (TheYogiRD)

Kathy is a Registered Dietitian and yoga teacher based in Illinois.  Since starting TheYogiRD in 2015, she has been writing research-based health blog posts, providing individual and group nutrition counseling services, hosting energetic health workshops to athletes, teaching yoga classes, and offering expert nutrition advice to busy moms


 Life is meant to be enjoyed, so why not celebrate it by taking care of the body and mind with healthy habits like good nutrition and yoga! When working with Kathy, she uses a mindfulness strategy.  Being mindful during food preparation and consumption gets rid of counting calories or measuring portions.  This approach to health can help reduce stress around eating and allows all types of food into the diet with no restricting.  Mindfulness is also applied do exercise, or as Kathy likes to call it, daily movement.  Being mindful in movement allows for fun and enjoyment to be part of health and can reduce risk of injury.

When she is not blogging, making YouTube videos or working, Kathy loves to spend the rest of her time outdoors with family an friends. Whether its bike riding through the forest, hiking in a nature preserve or finding new places to explore, her heart and soul thrives in the outdoors. Other hobbies she adores include crafting, cooking, and planning events (like a Murder Mystery dinner party she planned in 2015!)

With all of this going on, Kathy is so grateful for the constant love and support from my husband and family! Being a dietitian and yoga teacher brings so much joy to her life because she gets to see first hand accounts of improved health and well-being. No two of us are alike, so why should what we eat be any different? Kathy would love to have the opportunity to  work with you to create goals that are not only achievable, but also sustainable in your lifestyle.

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